About Us

We support leading technology startups with strong cross-border potential and excellence in innovation and execution.

Our Jubilee Technology Fund seeks to invest in forward-looking innovations with the potential to impact industries, from technologies such as AI or Blockchain, IoT to robotics, and in industries including but not limited to financial services, travel, urban and lifestyle solutions. The founders of our portfolio companies are serial entrepreneurs who are experienced and resilient, with deep domain knowledge and have proven their ability to address problems that large companies cannot fix. Their ideas have the potential to scale quickly and meet the needs of multiple markets.

Our Vision

We aim to create value for our investors and the larger venture capital ecosystem by identifying, assessing and investing in startups, growing these companies into professional, profitable, sustainable and responsible businesses with real impact across the globe.

To achieve this, we:

  • Offer investors a global perspective in analysing and benchmarking opportunities across different markets
  • Empower entrepreneurs with proven experience and innovative solutions to scale quickly across borders
  • Commit to seeing through each startup lifecycle with an emphasis on developing them towards successful exits

Our Philosophy


JCM provides post-seed, Series A and Series B funding to startups with aspirations and potential to grow in multiple markets.

To discern quality investments, we look for the right play—innovation in the right place at the right time, by the right people.
Apart from innovative and forward-looking ideas with real market impact, we value ideas that address problems which manifest in various geographies and solutions with a certain level of market validation.

In assessing venture opportunities, we also focus on founders who demonstrate strong entrepreneurship, innovation, and execution.

Value Creation

JCM brings more than financial investments to the table, supporting startups with our expertise, resources and strategy.

Leveraging our deep expertise in various technology domains, and our network that spans diverse markets, particularly in China, we enable companies to make successful leaps beyond their home market. We also invest with an end goal in mind—to help startups scale and develop important partnerships early on to pave the way for future opportunities by connecting them with resources and opportunities in different geographies.