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CyberConnect 360
is an invitation-only event gathering C-level executives, corporations, investors, and cyber innovators from across industry for thought provoking sessions on cybersecurity preparation and innovation.

CyberConnect 360 will cover a full range of issues faced by executives including protecting companies and executives, dealing with multiple aspects of breaches, the vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure, cyber-insurance, how to work with government cybersecurity authorities and regulators, and more. Participants will examine real-life scenarios - including case studies of companies that have suffered cybersecurity breaches and how the hackers carried out the attacks - while providing insights and essential workshop exercises. It will also showcase leading cybersecurity startups from around the world - handpicked and curated for this event -presenting their cutting edge innovations for investment and POC potential.


JCM Event | Mr. Cao Zheng Sharing on 2017/10/06


JCM Portfolio Company | 水滴筹、水滴互助完成1.6亿A轮融资,颉羿资本创始合伙人张向东将担任水滴业务顾问


JCM Fund News | Singapore-based VC Firm Jubilee Capital Holds First Close of Tech Fund, at $30M

Singapore-based venture capital firm Jubilee Capital Management has held the first close of its tech fund at $30m. Founded in 2015 and led by Stanley Zhang, Founding & Managing Partner, Gan Fong Jek, Managing Partner, George Gong, Managing Partner, and Xu Jian, Partner, who have over 20 years of strategic and operational management experience in […]

JCM Fund News | Singapore-based Jubilee Capital hits first close for $100m tech-startup fund

Singapore-based Jubilee Capital Management has announced the first close of its $100 million Jubilee Tech Fund — a venture capital fund for tech startups in Singapore, Southeast Asia, China, Israel and US, raising $30 million from investors in China and Singapore. The early-stage investment firm’s fund is aimed at investing in post-seed to Series A […]