We support leading technology startups with strong cross-border potential and excellence in innovation and execution.

Our Jubilee Technology Fund seeks to invest in forward-looking innovations with the potential to impact industries, from technologies such as AI or Blockchain, IOT to robotics, and in industries including but not limited to financial services, travel, urban and lifestyle solutions.

The founders of our portfolio companies are serial entrepreneurs who are experienced and resilient, with deep domain knowledge and have proven their ability to address problems that large companies cannot fix. Their ideas have the potential to scale quickly and meet the needs of multiple markets.

2013 | Beijing, China | Transformed car rentals in China

2016 | Singapore | Speeds up forex trading for institutional investors at reduced trading costs

2014 | New Zealand | New Zealand's No.1 E-payment Provider

2017 | U.S.A | Simplify restaurant operations by making them easier and smarter

2016 | China | Mutual-aid Insurance Platform

2012 | China | Leading 3D digital medical imaging service provider

2016 | Southeast Asia | Alpha Supply Chain Group Pte Ltd

2017 | U.S.A | leading developer of image grade LiDAR sensor systems

2016 | Southeast Asia | a tech-media platform

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