2015 | Beijing, China | China’s leading car consumption service one-stop platform

Chehaoduo Group (“Group”) is China’s leading car consumption service one-stop platform, the company has four main brands, Guazi.com, Maodou.com, Guazi yangche, Che su pai. It provides cooperative business such as guazi financing, che hao duo insurance, car rental to users for new and second-hand car trading services, auto financing, after-sales protection, car maintenance and other industry chain services, aiming to meet all the needs of the user’s car life cycle.

The Group combines in-depth big data analytics and artificial intelligence technology to implement standardized evaluation and intelligent pricing mechanisms for China’s highly fragmented and unregulated used car market. Chehaoduo has become China’s leading platform for integrated automotive retail services in the used car sector. Furthermore, through continuously innovating across its product, service, and data platforms, the Group has significantly reduced barriers to purchase a new car for consumers as well. This includes pioneering new models in down payment purchasing, establishing closed-loop integrated automotive services of used car, new car and after-market services via over 600 physical stores, and building a new data-driven retail eco-system.