2016 | U.S | SaaS Restaurant and Dining E-solution

Menusifu Inc. is a leading American internet company, keen on providing intelligent dining and ordering system in catering business. Menusifu products serve a full range of restaurants, help restaurants optimize expenses, improve revenue, enhance management, and accommodate the needs of new internet era.

Since its inception, Menusifu is currently working with PAX (E-Menu) on the software (E-Menu), the world’s most expensive POS terminal manufacturer. At the same time, Menusify also signed with Grubhub (the largest online ordering platform in the United States), the online order and POS system, becoming one of the few players have the ability to integrate. Their team has continued to grow and expand. It is expected that 3-5 years, Menusifu will cover more than 10,000 restaurants in North America and bring a more comprehensive and intelligent restaurant system.